Free News via Internet

Print news thrives on subscribers and advertising sales – both things that the Internet has ipad-820272__340made the business model of the past. With the introduction of the Internet the reader had no need to purchase a huge and expensive bundle of news, instead seeking out and finding a single article with ease.

Instead of relying on their network affiliation, journalists now have to deal with story-by-story competition. Pressure seems to be coming at the news industry from all sides.

Journalists are under more stress to create better stories, print has to combat a losing ad market, and staff throughout the industry is being let go all due to the advent of Internet news.

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Podcasting has grown in status over the last few years with more people listening too and downloading podcasts, however it is still a relatively small market compared to other media sources.

jonathan-velasquez-160775.jpgToday, what Wired called “appointment entertainment” or entertainment with a specific time slot, is losing its power. As more people have discovered podcasts the industry has gained more ad revenue and audience support.

With its introduction in 2014, Serial, a podcast from This American Life, revolutionized the podcasting industry. Now there is a drive for more long-form documentary style podcasting. Podcasting has begun to chip away at traditional news and may one day become a major source of news content.  

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Finding a career can be as easy as creating a simple blog to update weekly.

Starting a blog is incredibly inexpensive compared to what it takes to try to jump into the glenn-carstens-peters-203007.jpgindustry of journalism and news media. There is no limit to the scope and depth of content and each blog has the potential to take off into a thriving business. Blogging software, like WordPress, is easily accessible for paying and non-paying content creators.

Digitalization of the news industry has proven that blogs and their creators are going to continue to be an important face of the online news sphere. There is much that the web offers bloggers: high potential ad revenue, mass audience without much effort, and a combination of ways to produce content.

The “blogosphere” is just getting started, and is going to hold a powerful stance against traditional news media.

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